At Last…

After countless attempts– from English to Tagalog and back– I have finally conceived my blog to document my Practice Experience for this summer. Thanks to my beauty-and-brains of a mamabear, I am proud to present “The More Dance Moves…”:

Dance is a universal language that can be shared by all people across differing cultures and disconnected communities. Through dance, we are able to unite as one in the artistry of movement and visibility of musicality. Through dance, we can creatively work together to preserve dying traditions and silenced histories. Dance has the power to not only move individuals to express themselves in challenging spaces, it also has the capacity to move the masses in confliction and contestation. The more dance moves, the more we can become “movers” in this desire to help our brothers and sisters rise out of their impoverished conditions. The more dance moves, the better we can motivate and inspire our young ones to aspire in reaching dreams exponentially bigger than themselves. The more dance moves, the closer we can become as one people in our efforts for a brighter future and in our hopes to live in a world of peace, love, and harmony.

– Sammy Dizon

Photo Credit: “Dance of the World’s People” – Eileen Crowley


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