First Impressions

Mark is just great. I can’t take him sometimes because he is just great. Sobrang ganda talaga both inside and out. I seriously want to record everything he says (and gestures) and want to take him back to the states with me because he is just so great.

“If kaya kong gawin– gagawin ko.”
“… only then can I show what is the really beauty of me.”
– Mark Christian

On another note– OMG SO MANY KIDS!
At first, they all watched and played from a distance; but the longer I stayed, the more gathered and the closer and closer they got. LOL literally in my hair, “tigas pa la… but CUTE!” ❤ – Mylene. It was definitely heart-warming to see how curious and how interested the young ones were as Mark and I discussed cultural differences between the states and the Philippines for teenagers, Filipinos, the LGBQT community, etc. It was even more heart-warming to see them give their round of applauses whenever Mark would give his Miss Philippines-esque speech/thank yous (OMG by the way– Mark = vogue = WORQUE). I can already feel the direct responsibility I will have to these young girls who already look up to me (they asked Mark to ask me for my autograph LOL– I said no– those crazies). I don't want them thinking I'm some kind of celebrity at first glance; I'm just as human as they are. Nonetheless, I'm excited to be training so many girls. 🙂 I'm also excited to have "JR with the Jabbawockeez t-shirt" (and cool hair) in the program and hope more boys join! C'mon– I'm a feminista but I can get down too. 🙂 I'll really have to get to planning my syllabus for the next five weeks. These kids are counting on me and I'm privileged to have the opportunity to be counted on by these young minds and such open hearts. 🙂


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